Innovation at ASHRM thanks to Cayman Captive Industry

In this new and ever-changing world of technology, the Cayman Islands’ captive insurance industry is currently focusing on leveraging and easing communications with its stakeholders through digital media. This is tied together with face-to-face interaction and relationship-building opportunities that are possible when people of similar interests come together.  

To this end, Cayman is proud to be the sole sponsor of the new conference app at this year’s American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) 2017. The conference app proved popular in 2016, with 75% of delegates having been active users of the app, and a further 84% of those users having made some form of interaction within the app itself. 

In addition to updates and notifications from the vibrant Cayman healthcare captive sector, the app is supported by a “Genius Bar” at the conference – a convenient and unique meeting point which simultaneously provides app tech support.

“To innovate, we first need to communicate,” emphasised Linda Haddleton, chairperson of IMAC, the Cayman captive industry’s representative association.  “We are delighted to continue our decades-long support for ASHRM in this modern, digital manner. IMAC congratulates ASHRM on another well-planned conference, which promises to bridge innovation – a theme with which our captive insurance industry’s strategy is perfectly aligned.”

Delegates at the conference will be able to learn more about the Cayman Islands though the app and connect with Cayman delegates; as well as register for a grand prize giveaway of two passes to the Cayman Captive Forum, the world’s largest captive insurance specific conference, which includes a five day stay at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. 

 “We have accomplished so much in our 40-year history in the captive insurance industry by listening carefully to the needs of healthcare providers and then actioning what we have heard,” explained Ms Haddleton. “We are going to use this app to take this interaction to a new level.”

 “People will be seeing a great deal more from Cayman on digital platforms”, promised Haddleton, “We invite people to engage and communicate with us both online and offline.”