10th Annual Canadian Captive & Corporate Insurance Strategies Summit – May 28-29, 2014 Calgary Canada

Date: 28-29 May 2014.

Location: Alberta, Canada.

Website: www.captivesinsurance.com

Expand your corporate insurance strategy through leading global case studies; manage your riskiest ventures and preserve capital with an integrated captive strategy. Expand to new and emerging markets while mitigating the risks to your organisation.

Create your blueprint for overcoming emerging risks and preserving precious capital through a calculated insurance strategy!

Your first step – THIS CONFERENCE!

Achieve 8 solutions from Canada’s leaders in captive and corporate insurance

1. Employer liability: Assess and control liability costs through proactive captive solutions
2. Captive innovations: Shape your captive to meet your individual needs
3. Tax Implications: Preserve capital while remaining compliant
4. ERM: Reduce organizational risks and avoid unexpected charges
5. Catastrophic loss prevention: Integrate captives to streamline costs
6. Captive benchmarking: Measure your success against captive leaders
7. Data analytics: Access the necessary data to manage corporate risks
8. Exit Strategies: Calculate when to thin, and when to leave your captive

Interested in attending? Enquire now:

Email: customercare@strategyinstitute.com
Tel: 1 (866) 298-9343 ext 200 (Toll Free)