The Cayman Islands:

An International Financial Centre

The Cayman Islands has, over the past four decades, established itself as a respected international financial centre, providing finance structures that enable efficient global flow of capital, based on a platform of English Common Law, transparency, and strong infrastructure. 

Use of Cayman structures, such as captive insurance companies, creates wealth everywhere, for example by enabling companies to provide lower cost insurance, or to insure against events that the commercial market considers uninsurable. 

The Cayman Islands is committed to providing a stable, responsible and responsive business environment and does not condone money laundering, tax evasion or any other criminal activity. Cayman has not only complied with all international regulatory initiatives, becoming a standard- setter in its own right for the adaptation and implementation of programmes designed to halt these types of activities, but has been and remains an active participant in the discussions around the development of these regulations. 

Since 1979 when the Insurance Law was first passed in the Cayman Islands, this jurisdiction has become a major centre for international insurance business. The Cayman Islands is the second largest domicile for captives and holds the number one position worldwide for healthcare captives. 


About IMAC

From captives to reinsurance and insurance linked securities, the Cayman Islands is the jurisdiction of choice for successful international insurance business and the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC) is the industry association and support centre to maximise your investment.

Since 1994, IMAC has represented insurance managers, captive insurance companies and service providers, acting as a vital link between the industry, government and regulator in the Cayman Islands.



World Leading Insurance Services

As the international insurance business has evolved over the years, the Cayman Islands has demonstrated leadership in the captive market, becoming the number one domicile worldwide for healthcare captives, it has also developed into a centre of excellence for reinsurance and ILS operations.

Today, IMAC brings the insurance sector together in the Cayman Islands, supporting the interests of all market participants and working to maintain Cayman’s pre-eminence in the insurance industry.

About IMAC

Representing the international insurance industry in the Cayman Islands, we liaise with government and the regulator on the industry’s behalf to ensure our members’ interests are at the forefront of any discussion.

We know the Cayman Islands is a jurisdiction of choice for captive insurance companies and reinsurers worldwide for many reasons. IMAC works to make sure that continues, by being responsive to market demand and encouraging innovative new legislation. 

We achieve these goals by demonstrating how the deep, collective experience in our industry, which has served captive insurance companies for over 40-years, has created the ideal location for your captive. 

We promote innovation and international competitiveness to maintain Cayman’s advantageous market position and with a particular focus on education and integrity, we aim for continued growth.   

The executive committee is supported by hard-working sub-committees. Click here to find out more about what they do.


Attending international conferences and engaging with media to highlight the strengths and opportunities of Cayman as a captive domicile.

Cayman Captive Forum

We host the world’s largest captive insurance conference, which has been held annually since 1993. Read more about the Forum here.

Legislative and Regulatory

By providing input and insight into new laws and regulations, our industry meets the evolving needs of our international clients.

Education and Scholarships

Providing regular on island and online educational training sessions and webinars for members to keep up to date on evolving regulatory matters and industry best practices. See Events and Literature (for Webinar Archives).


Since 1994 our scholarship program has sent Caymanian students to university each year, who otherwise would not have the chance. See Scholarship Fund.

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