November 27 to 29, 2018

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Call for 2018 Speakers

Prior years' topic presentations etc are available from our Agenda Archives. Tip: Use the website Search to quickly find a speaker(s) or topic.

The Forum Committee will be sending an email to all members, past Forum attendees and everyone on our e-News mailing list (subscribe now!) on February 21, 2018 requesting proposals for presentations and speakers for 2018 to be submitted on the CCF2018 Call for Speakers template and emailed to and Click here for the Call for Speakers Template.

Submissions are to be received no later than Friday April 13th and will be responded to by email by May 31st or shortly thereafter. The April 13th deadline for submissions allows us to determine the number of Ritz-Carlton rooms to be held for speakers, thereby leaving as many rooms as possible open to Delegates. Presentation panels should be comprised of between 2 and 4 speakers and should include at least one Cayman captive owner/risk manager.  Upon acceptance we will forward a copy of the speaker guidelines which will include important information and the date we need to receive your final presentation. The final speaker selection and agenda is expected to be available in September.

Feedback from our 2017 Forum attendees (many thanks to all who contributed suggestions) indicates an interest in;

More non-healthcare topics.
More Group captive topics.
More advanced topics - some of the sessions are too basic for an established captive. 
Adding new lines into a Captive / captive expansion, alternative captive uses - pros and cons. 
Cat Bonds, Reinsurance structures and ILS.
Cyber insurance/issues ERM.
Duties & Responsibilities of a Captive Board.
Employee injury / benefits.
Employed physician problems, burnout and impact of safety and quality.
Life insurers.
Strategic planning for captives.
Terrorism, violence, mass shootings, concealed carry & security.

The goal of the Forum is education and networking amongst IMAC members and participants.

Note: IMAC makes an annual donation to the Cayman Watercolours Calendar in lieu of speaker gifts. 100% of the proceeds are shared equally between Cayman HospiceCare and the Cayman National Council of Voluntary Organisations The calendar is developed by the Cayman Watercolours Charitable Trust and sponsored by Greenlight Re.

Submissions will be reviewed based on these criteria:
1. Overall quality, with well-defined focus and timeliness of the topic.
2. Level of interaction, input from, and networking among the attendees.
3. Relevance to the captive and/or risk retention industries and their associated businesses.
4. Introduction of emerging subjects or topics which appeal to varying experience levels.
5. An intriguing and concise title that conveys the importance and relevance of the subject.
6. Identify learning points and takeaways for conference attendees.
7. An inter-active format with session attendees is encouraged.
8. Panel sessions should involve 2 to 4 speakers offering varying perspectives on a topic.
9. All sessions will be approx an hour in length including introductions and Q&A.
10. Each panel session must include at least one Cayman captive owner/risk manager.

CCF2018 Speaker Guidelines pdf (click here)
CCF2018 Speaker Presentation PowerPoint Template (click here). Speakers must not promote products or services of a company. A company logo may be inserted only on the Introduction page of the presentation. Speakers must not violate any copyright interest or proprietary rights of others. Please use Format / Compress Pictures / Options 200 dpi to ensure pictures and graphics are compressed to ensure overall file size is minimised for Mobile Apps etc.

Speaker Key Dates


2018 Forum

2019 Forum

Speakers – IMAC email Call for Speakers topics (using Excel template)

Feb 21, 2018

 similar timing

Speaker Submissions - deadline

April 13, 2018

 similar timing

Speaker Submissions - IMAC sends emails to Accept / Decline

May 31, 2018

 similar timing

Speaker Registration

Emails will be sent to all accepted speakers with a link to register as a complimentary speaker (and provide a photo and brief bio) and a link to book a Speakers room at the Ritz Carlton.


Speaker Presentations due date. Please use the presentation template (see above)

November 1, 2018.

 similar timing

Presentations uploaded to our website and Forum APP.

by November 16,2018

 similar timing