November 27 to 29, 2018

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The following were speakers at the 2014 Cayman Captive Forum which occurred on Dec 2-4, 2014. If Interested in speaking at the 2015 Cayman Captive Forum? See the link at the foot of this page to Speaker Logistic and Call for Speakers.

Valentina Minetti



"Valentina is a healthcare underwriter and pricing actuary at Beazley, where she has been working since 2008. Valentina developed the teams’ rating engine, repository for 600,000 US hospital professional liability claims, and produced various analyses of US and European medical malpractice claims trends. She contributed a section on large loss trends in the ASHRM 2011 to 2014 Benchmarking studies.
Valentina has 18 years’ experience in the Insurance Market, having managed actuarial teams both in Italy and the UK. She holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics and is an affiliate member of the Institute of Actuaries."