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IMAC students have gone on to do great things. Here are some of their stories and comments.

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“I can’t begin to express my gratitude to IMAC for the academic scholarship they have awarded me. I know that that sounds incredibly cliché but without the generous support of the company and its sponsors my educational pursuits would not have been possible. Coming from a less privileged background I have seen many challenges in achieving my life-long dream of becoming a teacher, however these challenges have helped to make me who I am today, and have also helped me realize the true value of an education. 

It has definitely been an emotional journey for me as I am sure it is for anyone trying to get into a university. The IMAC interview board made me feel like I had been welcomed into a family; and that
was one of the most amazing feelings I have felt in my entire life. If I could describe what the scholarship has meant to me it would be that it was almost like Christmas and I think the day I was offered the scholarship was in fact even better than any Christmas day.

To the board and the sponsors, it means so much to me to know that you believe in my ability to reach higher educational goals. The scholarship is not only helping me in my goal of becoming a teacher but it is also enabling me against all odds to break the cycle; the cycle of the young girl from a broken home who was told she couldn't. But I can and I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that I already am and will continue to make the best of the opportunity you have afforded me. Additionally, I cannot wait to be the teacher who can touch the lives of my students and then I can help my little ones achieve their dreams just as you have helped me achieve mine.”


July 2016 Update

Erica Powell 2016

Erica is now a Teaching Assistant at St. Ignatious Catholic School.
As regards her future ambitions, Erica said “I took the teaching assistant position in order to complete a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology (which would allow me to assess difficulties students might have with their learning. With this knowledge, I will be able to offer the support and guidance necessary to improve the student's learning environment, behavior management or whatever is identified to be impeding his or her success in the classroom.)Over the next year, I will be working alongside a master teacher who is exceptional in the area of education and hope to learn more about teaching and learning whilst completing the Master's degree.” 

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