Chloe Tathum

IMAC students have gone on to do great things. Here are some of their stories and comments.

"My name is Chloe Tathum, the 2012 IMAC recipient. I am currently studying at Penn State University at University Park. I'm majoring in the field of Kinesiology (Movement Science option) with a minor in Biology.

The IMAC Scholarship is one of the greatest successes in my life thus far; this scholarship has allowed me to study in a field that is of great interest to me and also provided me the opportunity to study kinesiology in a institution with the best kinesiology graduate research faculty in the world. This would not have been made possible without IMAC. Thank You!"   

April 2015 Update

Chloe received a full scholarship with Penn State to continue on another four years after graduation in 2016 to receive her PhD. 

July 2016 Update

Chloe Tathum 2016Chloe Tathum graduated with a BSc degree in Movement Science at Penn State University. Chloe will work for the Dart organization locally for a year or so before pursuing a Masters qualification.

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