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Aaron Farrington Photo (1) I am truly intrigued by so many facets of Psychology, and this interest acts as a driving force pushing me towards pursuit of a career in this field. Entering this field would allow me to contribute to society by using what I learn about human behaviors to positively influence people. Ideally, I would have taken Psychology as A-level subject but it was not offered at my school. The particular component of psychology I am most interested in, and the one in which I would like to pursue employment, is Occupational Psychology.  In this field you have the opportunity to take all the aspects and teachings of a psychological nature and implement them in a working environment, where in truth they are even more useful due to the higher stress and pressured inter-personal relationships. May 2014.

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George Town, Grand Cayman: 9 October 2017 Following an excellent year for new insurer licenses issued in 2016 (39 in total), the Cayman Islands Insurance Industry has set a brisk pace to new formations so far in 2017 with 23 new licenses issued. The 3rd qua...


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