HRMR 2014 - Article by JS de Jager

The 2014 issue of HRMR is hot off the press - the e-mag can be viewed here.  See the article by IMAC Marketing Committee Chair JS de Jager.

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Cayman Finance Magazine

For thought-providing articles related to Cayman's financial services industry, see the Cayman Finance magazine.  Cayman Finance is the private sector body that is mandated to promote Cayman's industry globally. Read it here.

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AMBest Interviews IMAC Chair Rob Leadbetter

IMAC Chairman Rob Leadbetter said there are over 5,000 captives globally and Cayman remains the second largest domicile in the industry, particularly via its niche in the health care space.  "Through Cayman's committment to cutting edge legislation and our ...

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Captive Insurance in the Cayman Islands


Given today’s hard insurance market, historically low interest rates and increased threats of regulation, it is not surprising that captives are coming into their own as an attractive risk financing option.Fortunately, starting and operating a captive has n...

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Cayman Islands - Bright with Ambition

James Rawcliffe

The Cayman Islands has grown from strength to strength as a captive domicile of some repute. James Rawcliffe of IMAC discusses its history and the developments that have been integral to its success. Read more...

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Cayman's $84.3 Million Stimulus

The most effective stimulus packages are those created by productive industry-through the motivation of industry participants to foster growth overall. The Cayman Island's captive insurance industry is one such example of an ambitious, professional and phi...

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Cayman Captive Forum

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Healthcare conference goers use Cayman app

The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management’s (ASHRM) annual conference concluded last week. Delegates from around the world gathered to discuss the challenges and issues they face in the management of the healthcare industry and to learn more about...


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